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THE FIVE MAJOR PIECES TO LIFE PUZZLE FORWARD It is the inherent nature of success to be both puzzling and elusive, and to withhold its rewards from all but a handful of those who pursue it. It is by an intricate design of nature that success is a condition that must be attracted and not pursued. We achieve rewards and we make progress not by our intense pursuits, but by what we become, for it is what we are that finally determines the results we attract. “To have more we must first become more” is the very essence of the philosophy of personal development, success and happiness addressed by Jim Rohn in The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle. It is our personal philosophy that establishes our individual attitude. It is our attitude that determines both the quantity and the quality of our level of activity. That activity produces a final and proportionate result, and the result provides the lifestyle that we live. The results and the lifestyle are the effects – the conditions we inherit – but it is our personal philosophy, attitude and activity which are the ultimate cause of the effect. To change the effect, we must alter the cause, and yet the most people curse the effect but continue to nourish the cause. In this, his third book, Jim Rohn brings ideas and insights in his inimitable style that provided a unique voice of hope, inspiration and answers for those in search of a better life. In the writing, he provides substance and encouragement to all those who embrace the philosophy of “You can have more than you’re got because you can become more than you are.” Let the words touch you. Let the message of Jim Rohn inspire you. Allow Jim’s philosophy to affect your life. After having read and mastered The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, you may well discover your potential as you have never before seen it! Kyle Wilson – Jim Rohn International
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