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The Greatest Gamble Your so-called masters have been doing exactly that. If you wanted them to be naked, they remained naked; if you wanted them to fast, they fasted; if you wanted them to do certain yoga exercises, they did them. Whatever you wanted, they did, in order to remain in power, dominating you, dictating your life. And of course the disciple was the loser, because these people managed to fulfill the demands of the followers…but the followers were not capable of fulfilling the demands of the masters, so they were condemned as sinners. All the religions created nothing but guilt in the human mind, a deep feeling of inferiority, a sense of failure, a kind of hatred for oneself, one’s weaknesses, frailties. They destroyed people’s self-respect. And no crime can be greater than that, because once a person loses self-respect he loses his very soul; he loses his manhood, he falls into a subhuman existence. It has been a very strange nightmare, tremendously painful to the whole of humanity. A few cunning people – unintelligent but stubborn, stupid but adamant – managed to do all kinds of irrational things, and because others could not do them, they became great saints. I have to fight my way continuously, because people started gathering around me and then immediately they would start expecting. If I refused them, I was not a saint; they disappeared. If I had accepted their ideas, they would have been my slaves for their whole lives…and strange ideas, which have no relationship at all as far as spiritual growth is concerned. -Osho
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