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THE SECRET OF PREMA YOGA Exerpt….. Divine Love and Self-Surrender The character of Divine Love can never be truly described. It makes the devotee the very embodiment of Love. It is like the sweet tasted by the dumb. The joy of Divine Love also is describable. Horripilation, tears, trembling of the body, etc., are only external signs of it; but how is one to give expression to the stream of Rasa (delight) that flows interminably within the heart? The stream overflows and floods the heart. We read the stories of Love-intoxicated devotees, but in the present age the sight of a true Lover of God has become extremely rare. Even a single true Lover of God can sanctify and redeem crores of beings. A showering cloud will moisten the earth to whichever direction, it may move. Even so the Lover of God moistens all movable and immovable objects of creation through the shower of Divine Love. The very sight of the Divine Lover brings a new life to the heart and makes it bloom like a flower. The great saint Tulasidasji says:- “It is my belief, O Lord, that a servant of Rama is greater than even Rama Himself. Rama is like the ocean, the saint is like the cloud; Rama is the sandal tree and the saint is the breeze.” Drawing water from the ocean the cloud showers it below and thus confers immense good on all creatures. God is the ocean and the saint the cloud. Drawing his store of Divine Love from God Himself the saint showers it on earth. Again, just as the rain-water trickling through earth enters canals, streams and rivers and thus fertilizing the earth winds its way finally to the ocean, even so the saint sending down showers of Divine Love, finally surrenders that Love to the source of Love, God Himself. The Lord is the sandal tree and the saint the breeze. Just as the breeze spreads the sweet smell of the sandal to distant regions, even so the saint spreads the divine scent of the Lord. The sight of the saint brings the Lord to recollection. Therefore, the saint is an image of the Lord. Just as the peasant and the Cataka bird live depending on the cloud. Similarly the man of faith lives depending exclusively on the saint. The voice and eyes of the Lover of God pours down Love. He sends a stream of Love through the road he passes. The very dust and breeze of the place he sanctifies by his presence begin to reflect Love and only Love. His very touch is full of Love, full of kindness and affection. Now, the question is-how is one to gain this Love? Gosvami Tulasidasji says in answer to this question:- “Without satsanga discouses on the stories of Sri Hari connot be heard, and without hearing such discourse delusion cannot be removed. Until delusion is removed, strong attachment to the feet of Sri Rama cannot be developed.”
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