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India has ever held views which are both wide and of the deepest. Her infinities may bore or appal some. But who will deny that Her ideas have been the most colossal the world has known? Her fearless logic has stayed at nothing, until reaching the last barriers of thought, man transformed by Sadhana and Yoga, has attained That which is alogical. By thinking and direct experience, unity is known. Western Science is working towards the same or similar conclusions by its own objective experimental method. In this process it is destroying the difficulties and contradictions, which itself has created. It has set up partitions which it now pulls down. Some of them may be pragmatically useful, for thinking would be fluid unless we controlled the continuous flow of phenomena by divisions, labels and so forth. Some are indeed imposed on us from without, for this power to impose itself on the mind is a test of our Reality. But others are the product of imperfect observation and gratuitously erroneous thinking. None according to Vedanta is essentially justified.


Unity and Continuity are metaphysical concepts. The forms which we observe are, as forms, breaches of both. Neverthless from their we observe are, as forms, breaches of both. Nevertheless from their  gradations and relations the unity of Power of which they are manifestations is inferred. Union by Sadhana with such essentials Power gives direct experience (Veda) of the unitary essence which is displayed as Mind and Matter.

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