The life and legacy

The life and legacy
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The Life and Legacy of Swami Rama Tithra (1873-1906) Published by: Swami Rama Tirtha Pratisthan In a short span of the first five years of the last century (1901-1906), Swami Rama Tirtha radiated, like SUN, the dazzling light of Truth, which, he claims, “That Thou Art”. This is Vedanta – Truth, the birth-right of each and all to bre All Existence, All Consciousness, All Bliss. Briefly speaking, Swami Rama Tirtha was born on 22 October, 1873, the following day of Deepawali - The festival of lights, Became a Sannyasin in early 1901 and merged his mortal body on the main Deepawali day 17 October, 1906 into the flowing waters of the Ganga, thus he lived a short life of only 33 years, like Christ, Adi Sankar, realized Godhood – Truth and spread the glory of Non-Duality by becoming ONE with one and all. This is Rama. Intoxicated in God-hood, Rama was all love with Nature, roamed on the snowcapped peaks of Himalayas, bare-footed and without cloths, lived in caves in the company of wild and fierce animals like tigers, serpents, wolves and wandered hither and thither as a free bird in his divine Joy. Solitude was his liking. In 1902 at the age of about 28 years, Rama sailed for Japan and after a stay of nearly a fortnight there, he continued his voyage to U.S.A. Keeping no penny with him and his own body being his sole luggage, before he landed on the soil of America, one of his traveler-companion, unknown to him, inquired of him how he lived then, Rama replied, “I only live by loving all. When I am thirsty, there is always one with a cup of water for me and when I am hungry, there is always one with a loaf of bread.” Such was Rama. Those who met him, listened to him or read him were not so much impressed by his huge learning as were convinced by his total identification of oneness, his throbbing and pulsating unity with them and his living as Vedantin. He appealed to the intellect of his audience less but conversed more through heart to heart with them. He combined in himself both learning and knowledge on one hand anmd love and compassion on the other. It was his Vedantic living that made him adopt practical, scientific and mathematical temper to realize Self by contrast, continuous and ardent labours. This carved out Real Rama out of him and made him claim: Rama makes only Rama, nothing more, nothing less. He says, when one Rama can do it, each and all can do it. Only price is to be paid. The price is; Follow the Law of Eternal Life, the Law of ‘Cross’, the Law of “Trishul”. Those, who follow the Law, shall ride over it and those who disobey it, shall be crushed. No exception. In short “Know Thyself” and you are liberated: you are Free. Briefly speaking, Rama built himself bit by bit. Born in a poor family, he lost his mother a few days after his birth; he had to put up with odds after odds but braved all these innumerable difficulties. Rama remained undaunted and undeterred. He continued his studies unabated and got high positions in all the examinations from primary to M.A. level. He was laborious, meticulous and exact in his studies so much so that when in a Mathematics paper in his M.A. examination, as against the choice to solve any nine out of thirteen questions, he solved the thirteen questions and gave the option to the examiner to examine any nine of the thirteen answers given by him. When offered by his Principal for his name being recommended for the Provincial Civil Services, he declined the offer most humbly and said that he had acquired the knowledge not for selling it out but for distributing it with both the open hands. He would either be a teacher or a preacher. And so it happened. After being a professor for a few days, he eventually became a Sannyin. Rama was an inborn patriot and was exercised over the poor plight of his countrymen. When in America, he tried to create an American awareness to help the Indian students learn modern and new talents, technologies and crafts. He offered his “head” first and then pleaded to others to follow suit for emancipation of the mother-land. He said: “let every son of India stand for the service of the whole, as he can never realize his unity with God except when unity with the whole Nation throbs in every fiber of his frame.” After his return from his foreign trip, in 1904, Rama did not speak much; he preferred silence and solitude and therefore went back to Himalayas. Eventually he gave up his mortal body to Ganga, which was very dear to him. Verily, Rama lived Vedanta, no duality in him, all were his. The whole being of Rama is submerged in OM-omnipresence, omnipotent, omniscient, nothing without it, nothing beyond it. Rama is still roaming in Woods of God-Realization. Listen to him and Live in Divinity.
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